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Capo Padrone SL Roubaix Bib Short - Men's Capo Padrone SL Roubaix Bib Short - Men's

Unless your local climate jumps from the heat of summer to the cold of winter without any transitional months buffering the temperature change, then chances are you already know the value of kit like the Capo SL Roubaix Men's Bib Shorts. Thermal shorts allow you to tailor your coverage to the...

Price: $259.95

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DAKINE 8 Track Short - Men's DAKINE 8 Track Short - Men's

Everything about the Dakine 8 Track Short screams freeride. From its shred-ready 15-inch inseam to its tough polyester canvas construction, this short won't leave you hanging when you're busy ripping lift-served hot laps or scouting out new flow trails. Dakine thought of everything when it put...

Price: $94.95

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DAKINE Boundary Short - Men's DAKINE Boundary Short - Men's

Designed for the all-mountain enthusiast, the DAKINE Boundary Short is not only tough, but lightweight as well, so you'll be comfortable and feeling fly whether you're going uphill or down. DAKINE built the Boundary with tough, stretchy polyester and spandex fabric. The shorts have reinforced...

Price: $89.95

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DAKINE Cadence Short - Women's DAKINE Cadence Short - Women's

Whether you're breezing through a morning commute or rocking down your favorite trail system, the Dakine Women's Cadence Shorts infuse casual style and comfort into the ride. Made from a stretchy blend of polyester and spandex, these shorts allow full freedom of movement and feature an adjustable...

Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $23.98

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DAKINE Concept Gloves - Men's DAKINE Concept Gloves - Men's

For hot summer riding, lightweight simplicity is the name of the game. When it designed the Concept Gloves, Dakine threw out all the bells and whistles in favor of a bare-bones approach to streamlined performance. This approach paid off -- the result is flair-free summer fun. The back of the...

Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $7.48

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DAKINE Covert Gloves - Men's DAKINE Covert Gloves - Men's

The Dakine Men's Covert Gloves' simple design and unpadded construction ensure secure hand-to-bar feel, without skimping on the details. The body of the gloves were sewn from a 4-way stretch polyester that wicks moisture away from your skin. This material allows you to move your fingers freely....

Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.96

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DAKINE Cross X Glove - Men's DAKINE Cross X Glove - Men's

The Cross X Men's Glove was one of Dakine's original offerings, and it keeps getting better with age. The silicone grippers at the fingertips help you keep a firm grip on the controls, while the synthetic suede palm offers protection. The palms have 3mm foam padding, to add some protection if you...

Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $20.97

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DAKINE Dropout Jersey - Long Sleeve - Men's DAKINE Dropout Jersey - Long Sleeve - Men's

Even in the face of #ENDURO, some of us prefer to wear riding gear that's a little...quieter. The Dakine Dropout Long-Sleeve Jersey is perfect for those of us inclined to go for a ride, not tweet about our ride. It's made from a Quick Dry polyester with an anti-microbial treatment, ensuring you...

Price: $44.95

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DAKINE Dropout Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's DAKINE Dropout Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's

The Dakine Dropout Jersey features a classic baseball cut with a dropped hem, giving you the added coverage you need for ripping tight trials. The Dropout is constructed with Quick Dry polyester that is designed to disperse moisture for enhanced evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable. The...

Price: $39.95

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DAKINE Liner Short - Women's DAKINE Liner Short - Women's

Slip into the form-fitting support and plush shock absorption of the Dakine Women's Liner Short before hitting the dirt on your full-squish rig. This padded liner short effortlessly slides underneath your favorite baggies before embarking on rowdy trail rides. Dakine's high-density foam chamois...

Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $21.97

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