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Assos earlyWinterGlove_S7 - Men's
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Lightweight windproof/breathable gloves are the foundation of cold weather hand protection. And they've been the center of Assos' cold weather hand protection for years; they offered an earlier iteration of these earlyWinterGloves as the centerpiece of a three-component system: liner, windproof/breathable glove, windproof lobster-style overglove. They've taken those classic airBlock-backed gloves, and updated them with their strataGonMedium fabric. As part of Assos' new line of windproof/breathable fabrics, strataGonMedium is a three-layer laminated fabric, incorporating insulation, breathability, and stretch into a fabric that keeps the wind at bay. These gloves might be a bit warm at 60 F, but they can be worn alone down to about 40 F and even colder with the addition of a liner like the insulatorGloves. As with earlier versions of these gloves, they have a long cuff that extends well past your wrist and a reinforced area that is designed so that you can yank them into place without fear of damage. The palm has thin, strategic padding laminated to gripper material. You'll get insulation from the vibrations of coarse roads, and you'll have a good grip on the handlebars, even in wet conditions. The Assos earlyWinterGloves are part of climaRange 5, aka earlyWinter, which is 40-60 F (6-12 C) by Assos' estimation. They come in Black with White stripes and White with Black stripes. Sizes run from X-Small to X-Large.