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Santa Cruz Bicycles Superlight 29 Mountain Bike Frame -
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With 100mm of wheel travel, a hydroformed aluminum frame, and a Fox Float Evolution CTD shock, the Santa Cruz Superlight offers performance to rival bikes costing twice as much -- with the reliability to keep it out of the shop and on the trail. The light yet strong front and rear triangles are shaped and butted to place more material where it's needed, ensuring strength and stiffness. But, that strength isn't going to hamper the climb to the top, because of the hydroforming. Santa Cruz eliminated any excess weight to keep the Superlight, well super-light. With big wheels, stiffness is paramount, that's why you'll find that the rear triangle has an asymmetric shape. This prevents flex and ensures suspension motion is directed to the rear shock and not into flexing the frame, which would cause it to dog trot around switchbacks or across rock gardens. The Superlight relies on SC's proven suspension pivot location. It's placed slightly above and forward of the middle chainring, to offer responsive pedaling when seated. One drawback of single pivot designs has always been out-of-the-saddle sprinting, because the suspension will compress under rider loads -- losing energy to moving parts. Luckily, shock technology has mitigated that drawback. The Fox Float CTD equipped on this Superlight has three distinct damping settings, and one of them is designed to counter those stand-up pedaling forces. The CTD, or Climb, Trail, Descend, setting on the rear shock offers damping for any trail situation. If you're going to sprint up a fire road, the Climb setting will essentially lock out the rear shock -- but remain compliant over water bars or sharp edge bumps. The trail setting provides a more active motion to assist with traction when climbing punchy root-laden hills, and flowy sections of trail. And the descend setting offers unrestricted motion for technical downhill sections of trail.