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De Marchi Early Winter Gloves - Men's
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Whether you're wearing them solo in the early winter, as their name suggests, or utilizing them as the ideal liner for De Marchi's Winter Gloves, the Early Winter Gloves will seamlessly deliver both warmth and comfort. De Marchi constructed the Early Winter gloves from the venerable Super Roubaix fabric. With a warp-knit construction, this material has a natural level of stretch. Within the knit, the threads follow a zig-zag pattern along the length of the hand. This allows more surface area coverage while using less material, equating directly to a breathable, lightweight construction. Super Roubaix's open, hollow-core weave also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the gloves. However, the precise brushing process is what contributes most to its warmth. After the dying process, dedicated machines perform a brush to the inner lining that provides a high, fleecy, and warming loft. Ultimately, the combination of these characteristics amount to the ideal balance between breathability and warmth. In terms of fit, you'll find that De Marchi was careful to minimize the use of seams. And when coupled with the low-profile composition of Super Roubaix, the gloves layer in perfect harmony with De Marchi's Winter Gloves. As a result, dexterity at the bars and levers will never be compromised in the name of warmth. The De Marchi Early Winter Gloves are available in the color Black and in five sizes from Small to XX-Large.