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APIS Vintage Cycling Cap APIS Vintage Cycling Cap

It's OK to nerd out about cycling caps. Like all the best bike things, they're at once frivolous and useful, classic and modern, ridiculous and sublime. Even better, APIS served up the Vintage Cycling Cap in 27 versions, so you can rep everything from gelato to cars to sparkling water to boutique...

Price: $14.99

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Assos exploitCap_evo7 Cycling Cap Assos exploitCap_evo7 Cycling Cap

Few things embody cycling tradition moreso than the colorful brim of a jauntily perched cycling cap peeking out from under the edge of a helmet. Issues arise, however, with increased temperatures and the commonly full-cotton construction inevitably collecting sweat and leaving you soggy-domed...

Price: $29.95

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Assos roboCap_s7 Cycling Cap Assos roboCap_s7 Cycling Cap

While many apparel brands focus their attention toward creating the best in terms of large core layers, Assos prides itself on doing that, and more. Clothing designers at the Swiss label know the importance of obsessing over the small, yet crucial, accessory layers, which is why they devote a...

Price: $48.95

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Assos summerCap.1 Cycling Cap Assos summerCap.1 Cycling Cap

The cycling cap is a tradition in and of itself. Whether it's for the chronic fashionista or the cycling die-hard, the cycling cap will always be multiple things for multiple people. Assos aims to please the masses with the summerCap. 1. Combining neutral, stylish charm with powerful sweat...

Price: $27.00

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Attaquer Bandits Cycling Socks - Men's Attaquer Bandits Cycling Socks - Men's

If you're going to steal the show, don't do it wearing ankle socks. Attaquer's Bandit Cycling Socks take your kit to a new height of style. The socks feature a generous 18cm-tall cuff composed from a buttery soft knit. This tall cuff design works to not only provide an adequate canvas for...

Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $11.93

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Attaquer Batter Up Kit - Men's Attaquer Batter Up Kit - Men's

Let us introduce you to Attaquer. Attaquer, North America. North America, Attaquer. Now you're friends, and believe us, Attaquer wants to shake your hand from across the Pacific -- Australia to America. Perhaps that's why the designs for its latest collection are based around America's most...

Price: $318.95
Sale Price: $143.99

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Attaquer Bird Watching Kit - Men's Attaquer Bird Watching Kit - Men's

Spotting a cycling kit whose design deviates from the typical chook styles (bright swoops and whorls that sear your retina or too-cool-for-school black-on-black) can be as rare as sighting the megatick Pezoporus occidentalis. Leave it to the unabashed Attaquer to burn up a rare exception to this...

Price: $318.95
Sale Price: $206.99

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Attaquer Coconut Tail Kit - Men's Attaquer Coconut Tail Kit - Men's

Attaquer's Coconut Tail Kit will make you the envy of your group ride mates as they sweat through an exhausting workout in the same-old standard kits. Designed by a couple of longtime Australian cycling pals with swaying tropical palm trees on their minds, the Italian-made jersey and shorts aren...

Price: $268.95

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Attaquer CORE Bib Shorts - Men's Attaquer CORE Bib Shorts - Men's

By now, you've probably come to expect cycling apparel from Attaquer to jump off the screen and shout. It's true, that many of the Australian manufacturer's designs are quite flashy. What you may not know, however, is that Attaquer has a more subdued line of clothing--its CORE collection--of...

Price: $229.95

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Attaquer CORE Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's Attaquer CORE Jersey - Short Sleeve - Men's

Add a flash of classic style to any ride with the Attaquer CORE Jersey. Known for its eye-catching patterns, Attaquer has toned it down with the CORE Jersey with retro-inspired minimalist graphics that stand out just as well as any bright print. Attaquer doesn't sacrifice quality for style with...

Price: $169.95

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