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Wilier Cento1 Air/Shimano Ultegra 11 Di2 Complete Road Bike - 2014
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Aerodynamic road bikes have been a staple of racers' quivers for quite some time. The caveat has always been a trade-off between wind cheating aerodynamics, power transmission, and a bike that handles with grace and finesse. Wilier's Centro1 Air is the next iteration in the Cento1 series and the Cento1 Air/Shimano Ultegra 11 Di2 Complete Road Bike re-addressed aerodynamic drag and rider experience to redefine what was already an Italian Classic. The Cento1 Air benefits from the experience gained in developing what Wilier calls the Twin Foil. The aggressive profiling extends from the leading edges of the fork blades, all the way back to the dropouts. Poor handling has been attributed to shaping of the tubing on many aero bikes, so to combat this, the Cento1 Air was built with a massive tapered head tube and steerer tube, which yields surgically precise steering, even on high-speed descents. Essentially, rather than just analyzing a portion of the frame in the wind tunnel and reworking its profile, Wilier looked at the entire frame of the Cento1 Air to ensure that the complete bike works as one. To further ensure rigidity and confident handling, the Cento1 Air has been constructed from a 60t Mitsubishi high-modulus carbon fiber. The "T" in 60t refers to ton, as in it can withstand 60 tons of pressure per square millimeter. Wilier used strong carbon fiber, because the stronger the carbon, the less is needed. Thus, Wilier was able to strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. We're sure the first thing you noticed besides the Italian style of the Cento1 Air was the massive bottom bracket. Developed in cooperation with FSA, the BB386EVO is a competitor-dwarfing 86. 5mm wide and has a diameter of 46mm. Wilier estimates that the new bottom bracket increases rigidity by 30%, while reducing power dispersion to almost zero. You'll also find that the BB386 EVO was developed to use PressFit bottom bracket cups, eliminating the need for alloy inserts in the sh...