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Abus Ivy Chain Lock Abus Ivy Chain Lock

The Abus Ivy Chain Lock is heavy-duty, low-impact protection. With 10mm-thick, hardened-steel chain links, it's solid protection against most hand tools. Granted, like most any lock, it's not impervious to power tools, but so long as you leave your bike in a high-traffic setting, it will serve as...

Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $76.99

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Abus uGrip Cable Lock 560 Abus uGrip Cable Lock 560

No lock is impervious; motivated by quick cash, the bicycle black market harvests career thieves dedicated to separating you from your valuable possessions. Slowing bottom feeders are many deterrents such as U, chain, and cable locks like the Abus uGrip 560. Preferred when convenience and...

Price: $22.99
Sale Price: $11.49

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Abus uGrip Chain Lock Abus uGrip Chain Lock

Secure your bike with Abus' uGrip Chain Lock. Its tough, 5mm square chain, hidden under a soft, elastomer synthetic coating will send thieves looking for easier meat. Abus also wraps the uGrip with a durable fabric to prevent damage to your bicycle's paintwork. The chain is made from hardened...

Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $33.99

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