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Castelli Aero Race 5.0 Full-Zip Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
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The Castelli Aero Race 4. 0 jersey seems to have everything you could want in a race-ready jersey. But, never one to rest on its laurels, Castelli took the jersey back to the wind tunnel, in addition to garnering feedback from its professional riders. The result is the AR 5. 0 Full Zip Jersey.As the name implies, the Aero Race jersey is both aerodynamic and race-ready. As the two characteristics go hand-in-hand, Castelli constructed the majority of the jersey from its Velocity dry fabric. This material is renowned for its quick-drying properties and overall light weight -- around 131 grams for the entire jersey. Additionally, the fabric has a tightly knit weave that increases laminar airflow over the body. New for the 5. 0 version, the fabric panels have been slightly reshaped. In fact, Castelli makes the claim that this material and cut is so effective that you'll save an average of 20 watts at 40km/h. In theory, this not only translates to less exertion, but around 35-40 seconds saved over an hour. And that's 8 more watts that the 4. 0 version.Castelli expanded upon Velocity's high breathability by adding its patented Prosecco treatment. This process is a topical, hydrophilic treatment that spreads moisture out over a larger surface area for rapid evaporation. Along these lines, the rear of the jersey has been constructed from a lightweight, breathable, and yet demure mesh. While the wind naturally confronts and evaporates moisture at the front of the jersey, the rear needs extra support in both ventilation and wicking. Taking ventilation an extra step forward, the arm pits have been constructed from an even more breathable material called Nervato. With your body's natural exhaust ports ventilated, your core temperature stays regulated.Now, even with three different fabrics, if the fit of the jersey isn't near perfect, all of the aerodynamic properties of the materials and their placement would be for naught. Castelli uses the body in riding position to shap...