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Pivot Vault/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike
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Starting from scratch, Pivot's engineers went into their new cyclocross endeavor fully focused on designing the ultimate bike in terms of both efficiency and versatility. The Vault's geometry, tube shapes, and intuitive features perfectly illustrate these attributes, as the new bike serves to redefine what's possible in the world of gravel and cyclocross racing. With a new fork, brake system, bottom bracket, and hassle-free internal cable routing, the Vault is a stellar example of the future of innovative cyclocross frame design. The Pivot Vault has been designed around the BB386EVO bottom bracket. We should note that this is for good reason. The new BB386EVO bottom bracket system is a competitor-dwarfing 86. 5mm wide and has a diameter of 46mm. It's been estimated that the new design increases rigidity by 30% and reduces power dispersion to almost zero. So, to accommodate the massive bottom bracket shell, you'll immediately notice that the new frame design features an oversized juncture where the down and seat tubes meet. This new-found rigidity is further accentuated by the frame's complete carbon fiber design. The Vault uses a full-carbon, tapered head tube and fork. Not only is the design a weight saver, but it adds to overall lateral stiffness while improving handling characteristics. Now, vibration is properly absorbed, chatter is eliminated, and the handling is both nimble and precise. Ultimately, these design innovations amount to the Vault being able to drop the hammer when the time is right. Our favorite new feature of the Vault, however, is less of a feature and more of an ideology -- placing the power in your hands. That's right, Pivot has provided you with a multitude of configuration options. The Vault has the ability for both disc and cantilever configurations. This is achieved in a few simple steps. Set up for disc brakes, the frame's carbon fiber dropouts are spaced at 135mm. An interchangeable alloy hanger is available to switch to a 130mm s...