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Orbea Ordu Silver
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While the Orbea Ordu Silver truly sparkles, its real beauty has to be that it's an honest bike. It's only meant to do one thing - help you go as fast as humanly possible over a set distance - and it doesn't apologize for its purity. The quickest elapsed time wins. It's just as sleek as its more expensive big brother, the Ordu Gold. In fact all the shapes, the tube lengths, and all the angles are exactly the same. The difference on the front end is a matter of materials and cost; on the back end it's a matter of grams and absolute performance. Where the Ordu Gold is built for elite level athletes, the Ordu Silver is more than capable of exceeding the needs of mere mortals. The Ordu Silver is made with Orbea's Silver grade of high modulus carbon fiber. The Silver carbon has slightly lower modulus and tensile strength than the Gold. Because of this, it takes more material to obtain the intended stiffness and strength. It weighs within 100 grams, and the money savings will go a long way towards an ultra-fast set of race wheels. This makes the Ordu Silver a great choice for the racer with a bit of a budget. Just like the Ordu Gold, Orbea molds the Ordu Silver frame and fork as monocoque structures. Each of these is formed as one piece without bonded joints where failures, either structural or cosmetic, can occur. With fibers running continuously along the length of the tubes and through the intersections, the total strength of the bike is increased along with the durability. Orbea also uses what they term as SSN (size specific nerve) technology. This ensures that they can produce frames that offer the same comfort and performance characteristics across the size range. To do this, they make each frame size with its own specific lay-up schedule and tube dimensions. It was Orbea's goal to provide an optimum blend of performance characteristics. Of course, aerodynamic efficiency was paramount for the Ordu, but so was stiffness because a slippery shape is nothing without e...