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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Carbon R AM Complete Mountain Bike
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If you've recently perused Santa Cruz's Enve/XTR spec'd offerings, the experience most likely involved a bout of sticker shock. Thankfully, though, Santa Cruz isn't an exclusive manufacture for the world's elite. Instead, you'll find that the 5010 Carbon's R AM build kit creates an accessible entry to the 27. 5-inch arena. And, if the fear of a diminished experience due to inferior parts is going to haunt you, keep in mind that this 125mm trail bike features respected Shimano SLX components. Additionally,it retains front and rear FOX Racing Shox suspension. But, components aside, the big news with this bike are its mid-size wheels and dedicated geometry. Together, they take full advantage of the rolling stock. A quick look at the geometry makes this perfectly clear. The 5010's chainstay length is only a quarter-of-an-inch longer than the Blur TRc, yet it's three-quarters-of-an-inch shorter than the Tallboy LT. Another key number is its bottom bracket height -- the 5010 is . 04-inches higher than the TRc and a quarter-inch lower than the Tallboy LT. This means that aboard the 5010, you'll enjoy that 'seated within' feeling of two-niners, while retaining the nimbleness that would otherwise be lost to long wheelbases, high-center of gravity, and flex'y wheels. In fact, the 5010's wheelbase is a full-inch shorter than the Tallboy, and it has a trail-worthy 68 degree head tube angle. That should be enough numbers to expose the playful, yet composed nature of the 5010. But, just as essential to that balance is Santa Cruz's carbon mastery. The 5010Carbon uses a one-piece layup and curing process for the triangles, as opposed to assembling joints, which would require bonding, wrapping, or rivets. And, because this process allows continuous interlocking fibers to wrap between tubes, the resulting structure efficiently distributes loads and absorbs impact energy. All the while, this process eliminates any excess material. As you might imagine, each size's dedicated tooli...