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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 R AM Complete Mountain Bike
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As aficionados of all things dirt, we've been inundated with endless acronyms and marketing-driven product specialization. However, what most of us really want is a mountain bike for mountain biking, which is why we're so excited about the Santa Cruz 5010 R AM Complete Mountain Bike. With its 27. 5-inch wheels, proven FOX suspension and reliable Shimano build kit, this version of the 5010 platform is built for the trails, plain and simple. And while it lacks a bit of the flash of its carbon fiber counterpart, the aluminum framed version is ready for seasons of action. It's the perfect companion for those who ride hard, instead of just talking about it.While there's no denying the drool-factor of the carbon fiber 5010, aluminum remains the material of choice for the value-conscious among us. Luckily for you, Santa Cruz's decades of experience with the material are on full display. Through thoughtful selection of butted tubing, and artfully minimized machined bits, the 5010's frame is kept to a very reasonable 6. 8 pounds for a medium frame with a rear shock. And while it sacrifices roughly a pound and a half to its carbon fiber counterpart, it stacks up admirably both in terms of strength and stiffness. That's thanks in part to the oversize 15mm collet-style hardware, which is further aided by the 12x142mm through axle out back. With a bike this versatile, it's important to have a suspension platform that pedals as well as it descends. And with the latest version of VPP handling the terrain, that's not a concern. It uses two counter-rotating links to achieve an optimal balance of firm pedaling and a smooth ride. Basically, the beginning stroke is controlled by the upper link, which starts the stroke in a high-leverage position for a supple ride over stutter bumps. As the suspension settles into the sag point, the lower link takes over control of the suspension, enabling the rear wheel to travel backwards, out of the way of impacts. The upshot to all of this is w...