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Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad Carbon X01 AM Complete Mountain Bike
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The Nomad has been an integral part of the Santa Cruz line up for long enough to qualify as a modern classic, and the Nomad Carbon X01 AM complete mountain bike is just the latest in the storied lineage. Naturally, you get the nearly-indestructible carbon fiber Nomad frame, and it's built up with FOX suspension and SRAM's new X01 build kit, for a wide gear range and a simplified 1x11 drivetrain. Rounded out with a hand built wheelset comprised of DT hubs laced to WTB tubeless compatible rims, and a RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost, you'll be ready to take on anything the mountain throws your way.Santa Cruz's industry-leading carbon fiber construction is already legendary on the Nomad. Both the front and rear triangles are constructed as a whole, rather than bonding them together from sub-assemblies. This method of construction saves weight, but more importantly, it makes the Nomad as strong as possible. That's because the fibers are uninterrupted by seams, which happens with other construction methods. If you were to cut it in half, you'd find that the inside of the tubes have the same perfectly smooth finish as the outside. That's a result of construction techniques that maximize the compaction of the layers. The benefit is that it's lighter, because any excess epoxy is squeezed from the frame prior to curing, and this ideal degree of compaction makes the frame pretty much bulletproof. In other words, it's about a pound and a half lighter than the aluminum version, and there's been more than enough laboratory testing to prove that the carbon version is much stronger as well.While the Nomad is undoubtedly optimized for going big and handling aggressive terrain, pedaling efficiency is still a top priority. And with the latest version of VPP handling the terrain, that's not an issue. It uses two counter-rotating links to achieve an optimal balance of firm pedaling and a smooth ride. Basically, the beginning stroke is controlled by the upper link, which st...