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Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon XT/XTR PRO Complete Mountain Bike
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On descents, the most capable machine isn't going to be the most capable on the way up. Yet, with each passing year, those lines are constantly blurred by bikes like the Pivot Mach 5. 7 Carbon. With a chassis that's a half pound lighter than its alloy stable mate, proven DW-Link suspension squeezing out 145mm of travel, and a XT/XTR PRO Complete Mountain Bike kit, this Pivot's destined to make the climb as rewarding as the descent. By taking advantage of the latest molding technology, Pivot knocked the Mach 5. 7's frame weight down to around five pounds (with the rear shock). This included using sacrificial internal molds to provide increased compaction of the laminate and to create a smoother inner-surface. This has resulted in a stronger and lighter bike without the wrinkles and excess resin that plague intricate monocoque layups. At the rear triangle, instead of two struts connecting the seat and chainstays, there's just one on the left side. And there isn't a seatstay bridge either. These changes help to increase the mud clearance over the alloy Mach 5. 7 frame. Up front, it gets the same tapered head tube that allows Pivot designers to shape a massive down tube for steering stiffness. There are a few other details that emphasize the efforts towards optimizing frame stiffness. One of the easiest to see is the BB92 PressFit bottom bracket. The extra width in the shell does two things. First, it allowed frame designers to connect a massive down tube and increase the width of the lower DW-Link, which boosted stiffness and resistance to torsional flex. Secondly, it provides better support for the bottom bracket bearings. And speaking of bearings, the forged and CNC-machined aluminum lower-link contains eight sealed cartridge bearings -- two at each corner. This increases the durability of this pillar component, it stretches service life, and it optimizes suspension function. The upper-link is made of carbon fiber for both strength and light weight, and since i...