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Niner Air 9 RDO 4-Star X01 Complete Mountain Bike - 2014
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Niner built the Air 9 RDO 4-Star X01 Complete Mountain Bike for those who dream of wiping the floor with their buddies on race day. Furthering this, the stiff, lightweight Air 9 RDO frame received a FOX Racing Shox fork, Stan's NoTubes wheels, and the all-new SRAM X01 11-speed drivetrain. Not only is the build kit race-worthy, but it's trust-worthy as well. So, you have no excuses on race day, but you won't be needing them anyway. Niner has extensive experience building in carbon fiber, and the Air 9 RDO puts the best of its construction on display. Starting with the Air 9 Carbon platform, the shape of each tube was designed to achieve the lightest possible weight. And this came in both the form of decreased tube diameters, a smaller bottom bracket shell, and slimmed brake mounts. The resulting changes cut over 200 grams over the already lightweight Air 9 Carbon. Furthermore, every aspect of the RDO's carbon layup was optimized in orderto remove every gram of unnecessary material. And despite its feathery weight, Niner is so confident in the strength of the Air 9 RDO that it backs it with a full five year warranty. At 1125 grams for the size medium frame, saying that the Air 9 RDO is light is like saying that a blue whale is just 'a pretty big animal.' It wasn't long ago that elite-level road racing frames were in that weight range, yet Niner hits this mark with a bike that's stiff at the pedals, and inspires confidence when you're pushing your limits. The 9x135mm QR rear means that finding replacements or upgrades is a piece of cake -- not that you'll need to upgrade, but it's always nice to have options. The PF30 bottom bracket shell enables the use of oversized cranksets for added stiffness. Better yet, it's backwards compatible with almost any style of crankset that you'd want to ride. You'll find a 31. 6mm seatpost, which means you'll also have your pick of dropper posts, if you're so inclined. Mounting a front derailleur is a simplified affair using a st...