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Niner RIP 9 4-Star X01 Complete Mountain Bike - 2014
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Big-wheel evangelist Niner may have a reputation for its frames, but with the RIP 9 4-Star X01 Complete Mountain Bike, Niner proves that it's just as serious about its complete offerings. This aluminum framed trail bike features an assortment of RockShox and FOX's finest suspension that's been rounded off with Stan's NoTubes wheels and SRAM's new X01 eleven-speed drivetrain. All you have to do is ride it. And trust us, you want to. At the heart of this bike is the widely popular RIP 9 frame. And it's not popular by accident -- the list of features reads like a wish list for trail riders the world over. Starting with Niner's patented Constantly Varying Arc (or CVA) suspension platform, you get 125mm of travel. And the feel is decidedly different than many other five-inch travel trail bikes. It's a suspension system that's optimized specifically for 29-inch wheels, so you're not dealing with a bike that was designed for smaller wheels and adapted to fit bigger hoops. The result is that Niner takes advantage of the improved rollover characteristics of larger wheels, and in turn, tunes its suspension to have a firm, efficient feel. Niner placed extra stiff links in positions that isolate pedaling forces, while remaining fully-active under all conditions. Notice that the lower-link sits below the bottom bracket. This places the CVA's instant center in a virtual position located ahead of the drivetrain, causing chain tension at the rear axle to pull the two linkages in opposite directions to effectively isolate the drivetrain from the rear triangle. This means that when you stomp on the pedals, no energy is wasted, but you still have plenty of travel in reserve for when you miss your line. It's around half-a-pound heavier the carbon fiber RIP 9 RDO frame, so the alloy RIP 9 is no heavyweight. But, despite its light overall weight, the air-formed tubing and oversized hardware mean that this is a bike that's ready to be ridden hard, day-in and day-out. The 142x12mm dro...