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Niner R.I.P. 9 RDO / IMBA Limited Edition XX1 Complete Mountain Bike - 2014
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Without the International Mountain Bicycling Association, exploring trails and honing two-wheel skills would involve shotgun-wielding landowners and ticket-issuing Rangers. Thankfully, IMBA's existence encourages teamwork among diverse trail-user groups, preserving and expanding access for off-road cyclists. And what better way to enjoy those trails then on a Limited Edition Niner R. I. P. 9 RDO / IMBA SRAM XX1 Complete Mountain Bike A monocoque RDO chassis with five-inches of CVA suspension, adorned with a fork-matched, limited-edition Rally Blue finish, paints a pretty picture. Add SRAM XX1, Stans No-Tubes, and Rock Shox to the trail-bike canvas, and this R. I. P 9 RDO approaches singletrack perfection. Boosting this package into the realm of mountain-biking righteousness, however, is an IMBA membership kicked down by Niner. Being a non-profit, IMBA needs funding to sustain itself on all of our behalf. Aside from corporate partnerships and bicycle clubs, a major contributor to IMBA's backing is a group of over 35,000 individual members. IMBA memberships not only support work towards building and preserving trail access, but it also provides a bounty of swag. Including; IMBA's Dirty Video and Trail News, a year subscription to one of multiple 'zines, and discount cards. If that doesn't seal the deal, let's look at this package again. The R. I. P 9 RDO is a revolutionary monocoque frame. Using the latest computer modeling to explore every conceivable option, the RDO's structure has a massive bottom bracket area with a direct-mount front-derailleur interface, 142mm rear spacing, titanium frame guards, and carbon linkages to boot. But, those attributes are worthless without a proven geometry, and luckily, Niner's already sorted its mid-travel geometry with the alloy RIP 9. And while the RDO's angles are based on its alloy stable mate, it is, for lack of a better term, no carbon copy. The RDO treatment includes a redesigned rear triangle and suspension links, ...