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Niner Jet 9 Carbon 2-Star Complete Mountain Bike - 2014
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The SLX/Deore/American Classic-equipped 2-Star 2014 JET 9 Carbon Complete Mountain Bike answers the call of competitive spirits without requiring a sponsorship bankroll. And thankfully, this 100mm-travel carbon frame has enough similarities to the RDO that it's still a fighter -- not a bloated airliner. It shares the same carbon monocoque front triangle with tapered head tube as the RDO -- including the PF30 PressFit bottom bracket, eight oversized cartridge bearings, and cleanly routed internal cables. Most importantly though, they share the same eager 29er geometry. That's where the similarities end, and the JET 9 Carbon takes on an existence all of its own. Instead of carbon links, the JET 9 gets stiff, forged alloy ones. The rear triangle uses a similar carbon layup, but instead of the 12x142mm thru-axle, this JET 9 gets the 10x135mm quick-release standard. These measures add negligible weight to the picture, without sacrificing anything to the handling deities. Sporting 100mm of CVA travel, the Jet 9 features linkages located to isolate pedaling forces while remaining fully active under all conditions. And because the lower link sits below the bottom bracket, and the CVA's instant center is in a virtual location ahead of the drivetrain, chain tension at the rear axle pulls the two linkages in opposite directions -- effectively isolating the drivetrain from the rear triangle. When you press on the pedals, nothing's lost to compressing the suspension, and you won't suffer kickback from chainstay growth when pedaling through rock gardens. Further differentiating Niner's CVA design from competitors' are super-short chainstays -- directly affecting the Jet 9 Carbon's ability to easily negotiate tight switchbacks. Because the rear wheel is tucked under you, the JET 9 remains planted when carving turns. Yet, it's still highly maneuverable in technical situations. CVA also doesn't inhibit front derailleur placement or operation -- something that plagues FS 29ers...