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Juliana Joplin Segundo Complete Mountain Bike
Retail Price: $3099.00
Our Price: $2498.99
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When it comes to stability, and long-distance comfort, the 29er full-suspension platform is the benchmark. With 100mm of VPP suspension travel to complement the fast rolling nature of its wheels, the Juliana Joplin Segundo complete mountain bike builds on its Terco stable mate by stepping up the component level of its build. This includes swapping Deore components in favor SLX along with a FOX FLOAT replacing the Recon fork found on the Terco. The frame, however, shares the same hydroformed aluminum construction and Santa Cruz's patented Virtual Pivot Point counter-rotating shock links that allow for a changing feel throughout suspension travel. While it's going to be slightly heavier than the carbon Joplin Primeiro, the Segundo's price is much easier to stomach. Before the transition of Juliana from a single Santa Cruz model to its own division, if you wanted to ride a female-specific VPP mountain bike, there were no options. You were stuck replacing everything from the bars and cranks to the saddle on existing Santa Cruz bikes in the hopes that fit wouldn't be an issue. Now, Juli Furtado is leading the division to provide you with bikes designed from the get go to be a perfect match to your needs -- with the holy grail of suspension designs. When sag is set correctly, the Joplin is extremely responsive to small- and medium-sized bumps. For larger hits that push it deeper into its travel, it becomes more stubborn, a necessity to avoid harsh bottom-out. It's also a crisp, efficient pedaler, even in the small chainring. The suspension is sprung by a light and custom-tuned FOX FLOAT CTD rear shock. Its three-position lever lets you select from distinct damping for the terrain you're riding -- Climb, Trail, Descend. Up front is a 15mm thru-axle equipped, 120mm travel, FOX FLOAT CTD Evolution fork. For the rest of the components comprising the Segundo, you'll find Deore cranks, along with SLX rear derailleur, shifters, and cassette. The wheels consist of a SRAM M...