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Diamondback Sortie 1 29 Complete Mountain Bike
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Our Price: $1800.00
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Even with the untested encroachment of 27. 5-inch mountain bikes, the 29er still reigns supreme for 2014. Serving as testimony to this, Diamondback took its much lauded 26-inch platform and redesigned it for the added benefits of 29-inch wheels -- momentum, increased surface contact, and stability. As a result, the Sortie 1 29 Complete Mountain Bike is a no-nonsense full-suspension rig that'll carry you up, over, and down the mountain. It benefits from all of Diamondback's race-ready technology, ensuring that you'll crush the trails, and not your wallet. The Sortie 1. 0 29 features a 6061-T6 Weapons Grade aluminum frame with a hydroformed top tube and a butted down tube. And if your aluminum tech jargon is a little rusty, hydroforming is a process of shaping aluminum that allows lighter, stronger, and more rigid tubing to be formed. During this process, high pressure hydraulic fluid is used to press room-temperature working material, in this case, aluminum, into a die. Using this method, complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult with standard solid die stamping, are enabled. Hydroformed tubing has a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio, which in turn, means a lighter and stronger bike frame. The butted down tube adds additional strength as the "butting" process removes excess material from joints which, contrary to logic, decreases stress. A tapered head tube, seatstay bridge, and a stiff 12x142mm thru-axle provide the ideal frame design to incorporate Diamondback's Knuckle Box suspension technology. The core of Diamondback's full-suspension bikes is its four-bar Knuckle Box, or bell crank technology. The first thing that you'll notice is that the shock sits low in the frame, and that it's oriented vertically. This placement moves the weight of the bike - primarily the shock and rear triangle -- closer to the bottom bracket. This effectively lowers the bike's center of gravity, which makes for improved tracking and cornering. But how can you tell that the de...