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Niner R.I.P. 9 RDO Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2015
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When Niner releases a new model, competitors and consumers alike take notice. This is because of Niner's persistent research and design that squeezes every ounce of performance from the popular 29er platform. With 125mm of travel, the carbon fiber R. I. P. 9 RDO Mountain Bike Frame continues Niner's tradition of shaking up the market by pushing its bikes to the next level. As big wheels are becoming more prevalent, they're proving themselves on more and more technical terrain, and the demand for longer-travel options is growing. Where Niner's WFO 9 is a 140mm travel bruiser, and the JET 9 is a 100mm travel featherweight, the R. I. P. 9 smartly strikes a perfect balance between the two. And now with Niner's RDO treatment, it's destined to become the top choice for weight-focused endurance racers and backcountry adventurers. Niner's Race Day Optimized (RDO) designs have been steadily proving their merit, and that's due to the level of refinement that goes into each product. Niner engineers use the latest computer modeling to explore every conceivable option before moving onto physical prototype testing. Then, using both in-house and independent testing facilities, Niner accumulates hours and hours of fatigue testing before placing the protos under its highly skilled, enthusiastic, and abusive riders. The results are clear -- a carbon monocoque structure has a massive and menacing bottom bracket area with a removable ISCG05 chain-guide mount, a direct-mount front derailleur interface, 142mm rear spacing, titanium frame guards, and carbon linkages to boot. To say the R. I. P. 9 RDO checks all of the boxes is an understatement. But, those attributes are worthless without a proven geometry, and luckily, Niner's already sorted its mid-travel geometry with the alloy R. I. P. 9. While the R. I. P. 9 RDO's angles are based on its alloy stable mate, it's no carbon copy. The RDO treatment included a redesigned rear triangle and suspension links, where the use of carbon a...