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Ibis Mojo SL-R Carbon Mountain Bike Frame - 2014
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When Ibis returned to the world of mountain bikes, things had changed drastically from the days of hand jobs and threaded steerer tubes. But they mustered up the gumption, and entered a volatile market with the latest technology packed into a sharp design -- rightfully named the Mojo. It's hard to believe this frame has spawned multiple iterations, including the featherweight SL-R Mountain Bike Frame, and proves the age old idiom; it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. The SL, a redesigned and lighter Mojo, arrived at trailheads three years ago, and marked Ibis' drive to stay at the forefront of mountain bike innovation among industry giants. The SL-R, the most hyper Mojo to date, sets that fact in stone ... er, carbon. To lighten an already class leading frame, the Mojo SL-R uses a new fiber molding process that shaves a third of a pound off the SL. The Mojo SL-R Carbon mountain bike frame is 100% carbon fiber except for inserts at the linkage shaft bores, the rear post mounts for the caliper, the direct mount front derailleur plate, and at the threads for the Maxle. The composite frame sections are molded in one piece to exploit the benefits of an exacting layup schedule and to eliminate any unnecessary material. The resulting one-piece structure is stiff and durable to provide the ultimate platform for the DW-Link to do its work, yet a large frame still weights just over five pounds. Our sources at Ibis tell us that it's nearly as stiff as the Mojo HD frame, and this is an understated way to say that the SL-R possesses a remarkable stiffness/weight ratio. Each alloy link is forged, CNC machined, polished, and anodized for the ultimate in stiffness and sex appeal. To finish off the quest for lightness, all of the pivot hardware for the SL-R is machined from 6/4 titanium. The rear suspension design stays largely the same. The DW-Link-controlled, 140mm of travel provides an optimal blend of all-mountain suspension char...