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Attaquer Batter Up Kit - Men's
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Let us introduce you to Attaquer. Attaquer, North America. North America, Attaquer. Now you're friends, and believe us, Attaquer wants to shake your hand from across the Pacific -- Australia to America. Perhaps that's why the designs for its latest collection are based around America's most popular pastimes And starting with "America's pastime," baseball, Attaquer steps out of the dugout with its new Batter Up Kit. And if you don't like baseball, think of it as more akin to the Baseball Furies than your local minor league team. Now, we know what you're thinking -- it took us a minute of head scratching, too. Yes, this is a baseball-themed cycling kit. Yes, it's loud. And yes, it demonstrates a bit of cheekiness, but there's no denying that it stands out. But as Attaquer even says, "We're not afraid to be different, and neither are the people who choose to wear our designs." You see, every quarter, Attaquer flips the script on its collection. Last time around, we saw epic owls, striped sailor kits, and neon Aztec designs. We had to have it, but Attaquer had no North American sales channels. Problem Solution -- we became the first to sell Attaquer in North America. So if you think that the Batter Up kit is bold, you're getting off easy compared to last season. However, if you think that Attaquer placed all of its weight behind creative designs, you're entirely mistaken. Like all of its kits, the Batter Up kit is made in Italy from Italian-sourced fabrics. Along these lines, the fit is also on point. It means that the conforming fit will eliminate any pulling, chafing, or general discomfort while you're in the saddle. And given that these Aussie designs were hatched below the equator, the fabrics provide 50 High UV protection in order to combat a scorching sun. And lastly, there's the chamois -- the make-or-break for any kit worth its weight in Lycra. It's also Italian, and it features a triple density design that's meant to draw pressure away from the perinea reg..