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Kali Protectives Kavaca Chest Protector
Retail Price: $130.00
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Ever had a punctured lung If you have, you know that's really a bummer, and if you haven't, you probably want to keep it that way. Lucky for your chest cavity, the Kavaca Chest Protector from Kali Protectives combines molded TPR and nylon hard padding to prevent your torso from being crushed, slammed, stabbed, or otherwise abused when you're sending DH laps or getting extra-spicy in the bike park. Like a suit of armor, the Kavaca offers full protection--there aren't any gaps or soft spots that compromise the bombproof coverage, and there are even removable shoulder pads if you're feeling like today's gonna be that sort of day. The light polyester lining helps move sweat away from your skin, so the Kavaca doesn't end up feeling like a wearable sauna, and the large side buckles are easy to operate with gloves and make pulling it off a breeze, so you're not stuck being armored up for the rest of the afternoon.