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Industry Nine Ultralite CX Disc Wheelset - Tubeless
Price: $1175.00
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It should be no surprise that one of the leaders in mountain bike hub technology brought that tech over to cyclocross wheels the second disc brakes reached market saturation. The Industry Nine Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset is designed for cyclocrossers who ride their bikes everywhere, on all kinds of terrain, and don't care for the risk (or expense) of carbon hoops. The rims themselves are Industry Nine's tried and trusted Ultralite mountain rim -complete with its 21mm internal width. This spreads tires a bit wider, and makes the most of a UCI-legal 33mm tire. Laced to these rims are Industry Nine's Torch hubs, with one key difference. Since flat-ground coasting is more crucial to road and cyclocross racing than mountain biking, Industry Nine took out three of the standard six pawls to reduce drag. The hubs and rims are connected via 24 of Sapim's CX-Ray stainless steel spokes. Due to the low spoke count, the Ultralight CX Disc Wheelset carries a 190lb rider weight limit, and the rims perform best with a 28mm-or-wider tire.