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Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular
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While an 80mm hoop cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter, it may be a little tall and stiff for windy conditions or certain criterium courses. Mavic took all of the wind-splitting advantages of its CXR 80T Wheelset and developed a shallower profile. The Cosmix CXR 60 Carbon Road Tubular Wheelset is designed to give you every advantage of a deep dish rim, without any tradeoff. The Cosmic CXR 60 rims are constructed using carbon fiber with a 3K finish weave and a 60mm depth. Aerodynamics are clearly at the forefront of the design, and Mavic's wind tunnel data reports as much as 1. 25 seconds per kilometer in savings. Time and weight savings aside, the Cosmic CXR 60 is exceptionally stiff, transferring your power into forward motion with minimal loss. Sixteen bladed, straight-pull steel spokes lace the rims to the hubs in a radial pattern on the front wheel. The two-cross/radial pattern on the rear wheel splits the difference between stiffness and weight, and it utilizes 20 of the same spokes as the front. Mavic used its carbon-bodied hubs with aluminum flanges to house the QRM cartridge bearings. The double-sealed bearings have a tight tolerance for high rolling efficiency and are micro-adjustable to make sure you get every watt you make. In the rear hub, two stainless steel FTS-L inserts are used in the contact area for added durability. Working in conjunction with hoops are Mavic's Yksion CXR GripLink/PowerLink front and rear specific tubular tires. The wheel-tire system improves laminar airflow at all yaw angles and minimizes turbulence where the rim and the tire meet. The GripLink/PowerLink tires use two durometers of rubber and a high density casing for cornering and control. A nylon, anti-puncture breaker belt increases the tires' resistance road debris. The Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubular comes with BR601 quick release skewers, wheelbags, CXR-specific brake pads, valve extenders, a multifunction wrench, and a user gu...