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Ritchey WCS Carbon Evo Curve Handlebar Ritchey WCS Carbon Evo Curve Handlebar

The semi-flat, oval profile of Ritchey's WCS Carbon Evo Curve Handlebar, with a four-degree sweep, provides an ideal perch for palms and wrists. It also helps smooth the transition to the hoods for quick response, and it allows the progressive, rotated-upward position that's preferred by many...

Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $239.99

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Ritchey WCS Carbon Monocurve Ritchey WCS Carbon Monocurve

The words 'lightweight' and 'stiff' are just beaten into the ground in the bike industry. Everybody's everything is 'lighter' and stiffer' than everybody else's. That said, it's occasionally true--as in the case of the Ritchey WCS Monocurve Handlebar/Stem Combo. What used to be two parts is now...

Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $389.99

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Ritchey WCS Flat Handlebar Ritchey WCS Flat Handlebar

You don't ride a flatbar because you like to bend over. No, you ride it because it provides a powerful position for optimal pedaling with a lower center of gravity. Sure, some riders like to jokingly point out your curve-less broomstick, but those are the same guys wishing for a throttle to twist...

Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $54.99

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