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SportCrafters Omnium Trainer SportCrafters Omnium Trainer

Few sights get our heart rates up faster than a bank of trainers set up in a shaded corner of a parking lot half an hour before start time, and few trainers are as easy to transport and set up as the SportCrafters Omnium Trainer. With a quick-release faux axle up front and a pair of...

Price: $449.00
Sale Price: $278.38

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Thule Chariot Cadence 2 with Bicycle Trailer Kit Thule Chariot Cadence 2 with Bicycle Trailer Kit

Cycle around town with your two tiny tots safely strapped inside Thule's Cadence Carrier. Its Bicycle Trailer Kit and the ezHitch help you attach and detach this carrier quickly, and both five-point child harnesses meet safety standards. There's a clear cover for rainy days and a mesh cover for...

Price: $299.95

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