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SportCrafters High Inertia Drum SportCrafters High Inertia Drum

The people at SportCrafters know you don't always want a harder workout, you just want to roll for longer distances. That's why it designed its High Inertia Drum for long workouts, baseline testing, and drills. The High Inertia Drum replaces the middle roller on your existing SportCrafters...

Price: $109.00

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SportCrafters Omnium Trainer SportCrafters Omnium Trainer

For nearly 20 years, Sportcrafters has been making private label rollers for CycleOps. Several years ago it developed and patented its ARC Power Modulation Technology which paved the way for its own line of rollers which have been proclaimed some of the smoothest in the industry. The...

Price: $449.00

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SportCrafters OverDrive Drum SportCrafters OverDrive Drum

If you own a set of SportCrafters or CycleOps aluminum rollers and you want to turn them into an interval machine, incorporate the SportCrafters OverDrive Drum with ARC Technology and be ready for this spring's town-line sprints. ARC Power Modulation Technology was developed by SportCrafters to...

Price: $149.00

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SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers

Rollers have been regarded as the go-to winter training option by professional riders for years. Besides providing a consistent workout, rollers also promote balance and core-strengthening. The biggest drawback has always been that rollers only provide so much resistance -- until now. The...

Price: $399.00

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