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Ibis Mojo HDR 650B Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike
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The Ibis Mojo HDR is a legendary trail slayer among riders in the know. You probably were aware of that already, but if you've been holding off due to sticker shock, wait no more. You're finally able to get the latest version, the HDR 650B Complete Mountain Bike, with a Special Blend build kit that maximizes value, without giving up a bit of shredability. With X-Fusion suspension, a Shimano build kit, and Stan's NoTubes wheels, it's ready to go toe-to-toe with the best bikes around. But you knew that already -- it is a Mojo HDR, after all.The Mojo HD is something of a modern classic, which is why Ibis chose not to mess with the geometry or the suspension when giving it the HDR update. Accordingly, you'll find the same DW-Link suspension design, which relies on parallel links in order to generate 130mm of plush, yet firm travel. And if that sounds like a paradox, let us assure you, it isn't. Dave Weagle is a bright guy, and as the namesake and designer of the DW-Link, he has a history of building some of the best performing suspension bikes on the planet. What this means for the HDR is that the suspension is designed to provide anti-squat in response to rider input. So, rather than relying on elevated amounts of compression damping to provide a firm feel, the suspension design does that for you. And since that allows for a lighter compression tune, the rear wheel is free to move out of the way of impacts. The result is a bike that smoothes out the roughest of trails, while remaining firm when you get on the pedals.Like its predecessor, the HDR's front and rear triangles are built of carbon fiber, and they employ a process that Ibis has been steadily refining since the first Mojo hit the scene in 2005. Those refinements have enabled Ibis to shave roughly half a pound from the HD without sacrificing any strength or stiffness. And that's important, since the HDR is intended to be rallied down the fastest, roughest trails around. You'll also find the same head tube i...