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TYR Carbon VLO Bib Shorts with Pad - Men's
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Training for triathlons requires dedication to not one, but three sports. Your clothes should be as dedicated to the individual disciplines as you are. The TYR Carbon VLO Bib Shorts with Pad are designed for your long rides, so you're able to keep your mind focused on training. Starting with the bulk of the composition, TYR incorporated a blend of nylon and spandex that provides moisture management, comfort, and stretch. The nylon fibers of the fabric lend themselves to the first two of these characteristics, as the material is lightweight and soft-to-the-touch. It pulls moisture away from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the material. Meanwhile, the spandex provides the material with a four-way stretch, enabling a complete freedom of movement within the shorts. At the inner-leg, the shorts use a blend of polyester, spandex, and carbon. You're probably wondering, why carbon Well, this fiber features a natural-resistance to odors. More importantly, the carbon reinforces the knit, making it lighter, yet stronger, and allowing it to universally stretch in all directions, not just four-way. Additionally, the carbon fiber blocks out static and rogue atmospheric electrical interference for an increased anaerobic output and a delayed onset of fatigue. TYR cut the bib shorts with a medium rise and a 10-inch inseam. Accordingly, you receive ample coverage, which promotes muscle support and skin protection. Additionally, the leg openings have been bonded, replacing the common elastic or silicone gripper system. As a result of their absence, the shorts are free from either abrasion or pinching over the quads and hamstrings. TYR included its new Carbon VLO chamois. This insert features a fully-elastic construction in order to support and follow all of your movements in the saddle. And in addition to this, TYR has also constructed the VLO from three different densities of foam. So, the insert supports your body where it needs it, not where it doesn't. Through thi...