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Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Travel Case
Price: $599.95
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Take some of the stress out of your travel time with the Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Travel Case. Its soft shell is lined with stiff protection to make sure your bike gets to your destination unscathed. Once unpacked, the case folds down for easy, unobtrusive storage. The Round Trip Pro makes packing your bike a breeze with an integrated fork-mount stand that lets you break down, build up, and work on your bike in a snap. For an even more secure ride, the top rail of the stand clicks into place in the travel case to lock your bike in place. The wheels nestle next to the frame in their own padded wheel bag, and the whole case zippers closed creating a cozy cocoon of protection for your precious cargo. The Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Travel Case accommodates both road and mountain bike with included adaptors to fit 9mm QR, 15mm, or 20mm front axles. It's also easy to move with oversized handles and two roller wheels.