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Santa Cruz Bicycles 5010 Carbon SPX AM Complete Mountain Bike
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Carbon fiber has been a cycling industry buzzword for quite some time. This year, however, carbon has been living in the very large shadow of 27. 5-inch wheels. And delivering truth to this is Santa Cruz's full embrace of this new standard. With trail bikes like the 125mm travel 5010 Carbon SPX AM Complete Mountain Bike, Santa Cruz is taking an aggressive stance on mountain biking's most aggressive platform. The SPX AM build dresses Santa Cruz's carbon frame with Shimano XT components, DT Swiss/WTB wheels, and FOX suspension in order to keep the price reasonable without killing the 5010's all-mountain sense of purpose. One of the biggest contributors to this is the rolling stock. Sure, within the gravity/park sect, stiff, nimble, and strong 26in wheels will continue to shine. Likewise, though, when the trail favors high-speed, flowing singletrack the 29er rules supreme. But, any riding between those extremes will see the 27. 5-inch 5010 Carbon's ability to dominate. A quick look at the geometry makes this perfectly clear. The 5010's chainstay length is only a quarter-of-an-inch longer than the Blur TRc, yet it's three-quarters-of-an-inch shorter than the Tallboy LT. Another key number is its bottom bracket height -- the 5010 is . 04-inches higher than the TRc and a quarter-inch lower than the Tallboy LT. This means that aboard the 5010, you'll enjoy that 'seated within' felling of two-niners, while retaining the nimbleness that would otherwise be lost to long wheelbases, high-center of gravity, and flex'y wheels. In fact, the 5010's wheelbase is a full-inch shorter than the Tallboy, and it has a trail-worthy 68 degree head tube angle. That's should be enough numbers to expose the playful, yet composed nature of the 5010. But, just as essential to that balance is Santa Cruz's carbon mastery. The 5010 Carbon uses a one-piece layup and curing process for the triangles, as opposed to assembling joints, which would require bonding, wrapping, or rivets. And, because ...