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Vittoria Diamante Pro-Radiale Tire - Clincher
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Vittoria has long remained dedicated to doing only what they do best--making bicycle tires. From that pedigree comes the Diamante Pro Radiele tire, their quintessential race-day clincher. The Diamante Pro Radiele is a pro-caliber tire, in a user-friendly format. The Radiele is built with Vittoria's radial construction, which sets the casing's cord plies at 85 degrees to the direction of tire travel (from bead to bead), allowing the cords to deform freely as the tire flexes. This type of construction translates to a more flexible tire, and lower rolling resistance. With this added flexibility, you'll also notice improved ride quality and better cornering grip at higher speeds. The Diamante Pro Radiele is capable of an impressive maximum inflation of 145 psi. It houses Vittoria's latest and lightest nylon PRB 2. 0 puncture strip to resist glass, thorns, and all other forms of road detritus. The radial construction on the Diamante Pro Radiele also shaves a millimeter off the tire width, so your choices are between a 22mm or 24mm width. Available only in Black.