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Shimano XTR BR-987 Race Brake
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The Shimano XTR BR-987 is the lightest hydraulic disc brake to hit the XTR line. It features the same command and control as the 985 while burning off 40 grams per wheel. And if you gave the 985's a try, you find that Shimano carried over a pension for serious racing and cross country duty in the new BR-987. At the control end of the brake, the lever blade is carbon with titanium caliper bolts for a snug fit at the recommended torque. It's also dimpled for extra grip. This version foregoes the free stroke adjustment, as it adds some complexity and a few grams to the lever set. However, they do retain a reach adjustment so that you can dial them to fit your hands and preferences. The master cylinder was designed from magnesium and the svelte I-spec lever body keeps your handlebars clutter-free. In comparison with the previous XTR's radial master cylinder design, this 987 XTR master cylinder is far different. For starters, the integrated barrel reservoir sits along and atop the master cylinder which is positioned at a tangent to the bar rather than straight out from it. Sizewise, these levers are much lower profile, but more importantly, the movement of the lever pivot towards the bar creates a more ergonomic design. In essence, the arc of the lever optimizes your natural finger movement and position of strength with the point in the lever travel where your power is transferred through the system to the caliper. The caliper of the BR-987 was also constructed of magnesium. This two-piece design adds stiffness while at the same time dropping weight -- and unbeatable combination. It also manages heat build-up more effectively especially when used in combination with Shimano's proprietary IceTech rotors. The Shimano XTR BR-987 are available separately as right or left levers with calipers and have hinged, split clamps for easy mounting. They come as pre-bled lever/caliper/hose assemblies and are complete for each end of the bike except for rotors (sold separa...