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Louis Garneau T-Flex 2LS Shoes - Men's
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The Louis Garneau T-Flex 2LS Shoes may just be the best of both worlds. Which worlds, you ask Well, the worlds of comfortable riding shoes and efficient race shoes. That's because the stiff, responsive carbon fiber sole is built with Garneau's T-Flex technology, which gives you a degree of flex in the forefoot, for greater walkability, without giving up one watt of wasted energy when it comes time to get on the gas. As you're no doubt aware, carbon fiber soles are ideal when you need efficiency, but they tend to sacrifice comfort, especially when it comes time to walk a hairy section. But thanks to Garneau's T-Flex technology, optimal power transmission doesn't come at the expense of walking comfort. Thanks to the flexible portion under the forefoot, the 2LS takes the sting out of walking or running, which makes it perfect for 'cross, among other disciplines. And adding to the on-foot functionality, the dual density lugs have a gummy outer compound for grip on rocks and roots, with a harder center compound, which keeps the knobs stiff when you're fighting for traction. Moving up the shoe, you'll notice the dual L5 Boa closures provide incredible fine tuning and a secure hold. The importance of the dual Boa closures is that the upper dial can be snugged down to maximize heel hold, while still allowing for a more relaxed fit in the forefoot. This translates into increased bloodflow, and reduced hot spots, so you can ride longer, and in greater comfort. In regards to the upper itself, Garneau created it from an ultra-breathable and highly durable microfiber, with mesh panels for enhanced airflow. The Louis Garneau T-Flex 2LS Shoes are available in sizes 38 to 48, with half sizes between 41 and 47, and they come in the color Black.