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Maxxis Ardent EXO Tire - 29in
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The extra-large Maxxis Ardent EXO 29in Tire gives the large-wheeled crowd trail-smoothing volume and confidence-inspiring traction. It's no surprise either, since Maxxis combined its rubber expertise with the Ardent's aggressive tread design. With years of developing tires for world-class racers, Maxxis knows that traction is only part of the equation. So, to prevent energy loss, the center tread features ramped knobs. And while these are ideal for acceleration, the sharp backside of the knob is preserved, enhancing braking traction. At the side of the Ardent EXO are meaty, well-supported side knobs that provide plenty of working edges, and that translates into more confidence during high-speed cornering. This particular version of the Ardent uses a 60 TPI casing with EXO protection. This consists of added pinch flat and abrasion protection at the sidewall for an enhanced resistance to cuts. It also features LUST, or Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology, which is essentially a rubber layer that covers the casing. So, the tire becomes less permeable, meaning that it retains its air for long periods of time. The Maxxis Ardent EXO 29in Tire is available in the color Black and in a 2. 4-inch width. Please note that this tire is UST compatible, but it does not include either rim tape or tire sealant.