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Castelli Body Paint 3.0 Speed Suit - Long-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
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The discussion over the effectiveness of fabric verses bare skin in races against the clock is never-ending. It's been proven, by the numbers, that certain textures of fabric placed across the direction of wind flow are more aerodynamic than bare skin, but that's only if they have been engineered to conform to the body like a second skin. If you are wearing a dimpled, sharkskin suit, but it's baggy, you're better off racing nude. But because racing your bike in the nude is not UCI-legal, Castelli developed the next best thing -- body paint. This technology isn't just for its Garmin -Sharp riders either. The same skinsuit is available to non ProTour riders. Don the Body Paint 3. 0 Speedsuit and be prepared to fly.The Body Paint fabric is in fact a barely there layer designed to fit like a second skin. It isn't happenstance that the skinsuits are so tight, it is the intent of the design itself. In fact, every aspect of the design works to make the fit as precise as possible. This way, by eliminating fabric bunching and pulling, airflow can pass over the suit more freely. Integral in this concept is the fabric selection itself, in this case a lightweight Lycra that can only be described as soft.Furthering this attribute is the seaming of the Speeds Suit. If you've even the suits used by swimmers, you'll notice some similarities in seaming. Essentially, the design keeps the intended shape of the suit intact, and by doing so, reduces your aerodynamic footprint in the saddle. But, what is the intended shape Well, the answer is both simple and complex. In its most simplistic form, the answer is to go fast, but to so fast, there's a lot of complex design to address. Castelli has worked extensively with Team Garmin-Sharp in order to absorb rider-feedback, tunnel test, and to achieve real world race experience. As a result, the cut, shape, and elasticity of the Speed Suit have been scientifically and methodically dialed-in. It has been designed to be worn while in time-t...