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Topeak Joe Blow Race Floor Pump
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In a lowly attempt to separate consumers from their hard-earned dollars, products are often twisted and contorted into far-fetched, complicated designs. On the other hand, there's the Joe Blow Race, an honest floor pump with necessary features like a durable barrel and base, a top-mounted analog gauge, and Topeak's respected SmartHead attached to a long hose. The Joe Blow Race inflates to a maximum of 200psi, and it's equipped with a pressure bleed-off located in the SmartHead. The SmartHead, for ease of use, also automatically adjusts to fit both Presta and Schrader valves without any internal modifications. The SmartHead is attached to a 47in-long hose so moving from front to rear won't involve a floor pump crashing into a down tube. On that note, the wide composite base provides three points to help prevent tipping. The barrel is constructed from steel and an analog gauge is positioned at the top for better visibility. Topeak's Joe Blow Race Floor Pump only comes in Black and includes a Dunlop valve adapter and a ball needle.