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Shimano XT FD-M786D-L Front Derailleur Double
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Component installation doesn't get any easier than this. The Shimano-designed direct mount is simple and foolproof. This Shimano XT Direct Mount Double Front Derailleur FD-M786D is a traditional styled (bottom-swing) front derailleur. It's nearly identical to the clamp-on FD-M786 part, save for the lack of a clamp. Instead, this one has a flat surface with an upright rib on the back that corresponds to the groove in the flat Direct Mount you'll find on your seat tube. One bolt holds it all together, and your only adjustment will be up and down in relation to the chainrings. Since there's no way to twist the derailleur around the seat tube, it goes on lined up perfectly with the chainrings, and your shifting should be spot-on once the cable tension and limit screws are set. It has been designed to optimize its function with two chainrings. To this end, the cage length and shaping is specific to the smaller diameter differential between the big and little rings on a 2x10 DynaSys drivetrain. Whether you run a 26/38t or a 28/42t crank, this is the changer you'll want. The limit screws are angled outward to facilitate adjustment for convoluted rear suspension designs as well. The Shimano XT Direct Mount Double Front Derailleur FD-M786D is specifically designed for use with Shimano's XT Double Crankset and directional 10-speed Dyna-Sys chain, and the maximum chainring size is 42 teeth. It can be used with top- or bottom-pull cable routing. Please note: this derailleur is not compatible with a triple chainring crankset.