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Continental Grand Prix Force Rear Tire - Clincher
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Have you ever looked at the wear pattern on your bike's tires Well, you'll notice differences that indicate that front and rear tires should, ideally, feature different designs. The Continental Grand Prix Force Rear Clincher Tire is a rear-specific tire built to offer a blend of traction and durability. A big part of its ability to deliver seemingly mutually exclusive traits is that the Force Rear Tire is made with Continental's Black Chili rubber compound. Just like the Attack, its front-specific counterpart, the Force is optimized for its role as a back tire. You could think of it as a GP 4000s that's been race tuned for the rear of your bike. The Black Chili compound increases tread flexibility to ensure road-hugging compliance. This flexibility gives the tire better rebound over irregularities in the road surface, reducing rolling resistance as well. The nano-sized Black Chili particles effectively "fill" the voids naturally inherent in typical rubbers to increase the amount of rubber in the contact patch of the tire. This reduces tire wear, while, at the same time, it aids in traction. The rubber is adhered to a 330TPI casing, which means that there are 330 threads per inch to give you a supple ride feel. A Vectran layer reduces flats. The Continental Force Rear Tire comes with a 24mm-wide tread that works in conjunction with its mate, the 22mm Attack front. It comes in Black/black chili.