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Continental Grand Prix Attack Front Tire - Clincher
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When you buy tires for your bike, do you ever think about differences in the front and rear If you look at the wear patterns and rates, you'll realize that each tire should be designed for specific use. With that in mind, the Continental Grand Prix Attack Clincher Tire is a front-specific tire built to offer maximum cornering traction. Like Continental's GP 4000s, it uses Black Chili rubber compound. The special compound increases tread flexibility to ensure road-hugging compliance. This extra grip will give you the confidence to drive the bike deeper into corners, allowing faster exits. Get yourself off the front of your local criterium, and this tire will help you stay there. This flexibility gives the tire better rebound over irregularities in the road surface, reducing rolling resistance as well. The nano-sized Black Chili particles effectively "fill" the voids naturally inherent in typical rubbers to increase the amount of rubber in the contact patch of the tire. This reduces tire wear, while, at the same time, it aids in traction. The casing is 330TPI, which means that the casing of the tire, what the rubber is applied to, is comprised of 330 threads per inch. This tight weave gives you a very supple feel. A 3 plus ply Vectran layer has also been added for puncture protection. The Continental Attack Front Tire is slightly narrower than its Force rear counterpart. At 22mm, it gives you an ideal balance between traction and aerodynamics. Its dynamic tread pattern is front-specific. It comes in the colors Black/black chili.