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Selle Italia SLS Monolink Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle
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The Selle Italia SLR saddle has become one of the most beloved and popular saddles in the cycling world. And now, Selle Italia has taken the same shape and anatomical profile and created the SLS -- a more affordable version that features the same comfort and similar low weight. To begin with, the SLS features the identical 131mm width and 275mm length as the SLR -- it is a perfect match for most riders with average width sit bones. The cutout relieves pressure on the perineal artery and adjacent soft tissue, and it directs pressure to your ischial tuberosity (sit bones), which are designed to support your body weight. And, unlike your soft tissue, your sit bones are able to support your weight for hours on end without numbness or tingling. Additionally, the wide cutout relieves pressure on the pudendal nerve. This nerve runs from the third vertebrae all the way down to your foot, and when compressed at the perineum it contributes to numbness. By relieving pressure and keeping bloodflow consistent, numbness is eliminated. The SLS features padding that is less dense than the team edition, but thicker than the Tekno. The padding is wrapped in a durable microfiber that is abrasion resistant. The entire saddle is supported on Selle Italia's Monolink Carb X-20 Rail system. The Carb X-20 is designed to be used with a Selle Italia Monolink Carbon seatpost to provide extensive front and rear saddle adjustment. The Monolink System is a simple clamp that allows for an extended range of fore and aft adjustability. Selle Italia claims that the singular clamp has about 50% higher strength than a traditional two-bolt clamp system. The Selle Italia SLS Monolink Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle is 131mm wide and available in Black.