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Fi'zi:k Arione Donna Manganese Saddle
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The ladies-specific Ariona Donna Manganese Women's Saddle is Fizik's response to the demand of female riders from all disciplines -- racing, touring, casual, for a saddle that is specifically designed for optimal support and comfort. The Arione Donna Manganese Saddle takes the shape of the regular Arione and reforms it, making it slightly shorter and slightly wider (145mm) at the rear to accommodate a woman's wider sit bones. A saddle's comfort lies mainly in its shape, but the Donna also makes use of a high density foam padding in order to create the pressure relief channel that runs the length of the saddle. But don't worry that you'll feel like you're riding on a squishy foam pad that hits you in all the wrong places. To the contrary, Fizik has a scale by which they measure their saddles from plush to medium to firm, and the Donna comes in somewhere between medium and firm to offer the right kind of support in the right places.But since the shape, which includes the wider sit platform and the soft-tissue relieving channel, has been tailored to fit the women's anatomy, this saddle will give you a comfortable ride whether you're taking a few laps around the park to spin the legs or are near the end of your mid-summer century ride through the hills. The shell itself, like the men's version, is made from nylon that is reinforced with carbon, and it makes use of their Wingflex technology. The Wingflex shell flexes downward in the critical area where the inner thighs contact the saddle allowing for more efficient, full-range movement while pedaling.Although this version of the Arione Donna features the same shape and cutaway channel that the Donna K:ium does, it weighs in about 45grams heavier. Fi'zi:k used a durable, but less expensive manganese for the rails. It is resistant to corrosion and while it does add a little weight, the savings to be had for the pocketbook is worth the trade. The entire saddle is covered in durable microtex.The Fizik Arione Don...