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Mavic Crossmax XL Ti-Pedal Mavic Crossmax XL Ti-Pedal

If you're an aggressive rider, and you don't want to deal with the weight penalty that typically comes with platform style clips, you'd do well to consider the Mavic Crossmax XL Ti pedal. At 340g, it's lighter than many XC-oriented options, but it has an enormous pedal body for added security...

Price: $399.95
Sale Price: $199.99

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Mavic Zxellium SL-Pedal Mavic Zxellium SL-Pedal

The Zxellium SL isn't the lightest pedal in Mavic's lineup. It is, however, a lot less expensive than Mavic's lightest pedal, and still weighs just over 200 grams. Because Mavic substituted a bit of composite for the top dog's carbon fiber bits, it was able to keep the cost of the SL down....

Price: $174.95
Sale Price: $77.76

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Mavic Zxellium SLR-Pedal Mavic Zxellium SLR-Pedal

Second only to its Zxellium SLR-Ti pedal, the Zxellium SLR clipless road pedal lacks only the SLR-Ti's titanium spindles, which reduce weight by about 35 grams, to keep it from Mavic's very top shelf. The SLR's steel spindles, however, are better suited to larger, more powerful riders....

Price: $274.95
Sale Price: $109.98

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Selle Italia SLR Tri Gel Saddle - TI Rails Selle Italia SLR Tri Gel Saddle - TI Rails

The bike portion of a triathlon is essentially a time trial, which to most doesn't sound all that terrible. But then you add in the swim beforehand. and the run, sometimes an entire marathon, afterwards, and things start to look a bit different. To set it apart even further, in the interest of...

Price: $224.99
Sale Price: $124.00

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