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Blueseventy Hydra-Vision Swim Goggles - Men's
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Since 2011, Blueseventy's Hydra-Vision Swim Goggles have been awarded praise, admiration, and most importantly, results. After all, a pair of goggles can't win Triathlete Magazine's Editor's Choice award based on aesthetics alone. So, what makes them so special Simply put, it's all said in the name -- 'hydra' is in reference to water, and 'vision' meaning, well, your vision. Essentially, these goggles were designed to provide you with a complete, all-around field of visibility in the water. To achieve this, they feature a wide, highly-curved lens with crystal clear clarity. Additionally, Blueseventy chose CP lenses for the design, ensuring that you receive the very best in anti-fogging technology. As for the frame, the Hydra-Vision uses a low-profile design for comfort, visibility, and hydrodynamics. Furthering the latter, Blueseventy incorporated its integrated adjustment system, which, in turn, smooths water flow over the goggles. And, when coupled with a split yoke strap, it provides durable, yet simple, adjustment system. The Blueseventy Hydra-Vision Swim Goggles are available in the sizes Small and Large and in the colors Grey/black/yellow, Grey Black/smoke mirror, White Black/blue, and White/black/blue mirror.