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Castelli Logo 6 Socks - Men's
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The Castelli Logo 6 Socks are the middle child in the polypropylene Logo line. Three centimeters shorter than the Logo 9 socks, as their name implies, their construction feels light and wicks moisture to stay dry. They are perfect for riders who don't like to wear socks but who also don't want to ruin expensive cycling shoes with sweaty feet. The Logo 6 is knit with a lightweight polypropylene. This soft, hollow-core fiber effectively wicks moisture away from your skin. Although synthetic, polypropylene is also naturally breathable so that your feet maintain a consistent temperature. Rather than using just one gauge of knit, Castelli's socks feature compressive areas around specific areas of the foot. For example, the firm fit around the heel keeps the sock from slipping during standing efforts, and the mid-foot strap allows the shoe to cradle the foot uninhibited by a bulky sock. Finally, the wide knit cuff holds your socks in place so you won't have elephant ankles. The Logo 6 feature the Castelli scorpion and logo knit right into the sock. The Castelli Logo 6 Socks are available in sizes Small/Medium, Large/X-Large, and XX-Large. They come in two colors: White/black and Black/white.