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Orbea Orca M22 - SRAM Red Complete Road Bike
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For 2014, Orca has completely reworked what was the memorable Orca Gold, Silver, and Bronze line. And by reworked, we mean completely redesigned. Yes, the legendary status of the Orca is still imbued into its frames; the changes made propel Orbea's design to yet another level of perfection. The Orca M22 - SRAM Red Complete Road Bike is bred for road racing. It features a lightweight build for climbing the highest peak and aerodynamic efficiency for long solo efforts. To begin with, Orbea used a new standard to size its frames. Stack and Reach was developed by Dan Empfield, a pioneer in the understanding the height and length of bicycle frames. Stack and Reach are two measurements: Stack is the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube at center. Reach is the distance from that point at the top tube center to the head tube, not along the top tube slope, but along the horizontal. How is this different than measuring an effective top tube length Well, many times manufacturers lower the stack and shorten the top tube to create a smaller frame size, but they do not actually move the head tube any closer to the rider. More often, changing the seat tube angle is the simple answer. A steeper seat tube angle will result in a shorter top tube length without altering how far the head tube is to the rider. Reach is unaffected by angular geometries. Using Stack and Reach allows Orbea to create a line that has a linear size progression. To accomplish this progression, where a 53cm frame truly fits differently than a 51cm frame, Orbea used two different fork rakes. It was able to adjust the angles slightly to ensure that every size has the same front end feel. Additionally, toe overlap was eliminated on the smaller models. This development in sizing has eliminated the need for individual molds as well as the necessity of a women's specific frame design. Now a 47cm frame truly fits like a 47cm frame. For 2014, Orca developed...