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Hincapie Sportswear Velocity Plus Competitive Cyclist Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's - Men's
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George Hincapie knows how to design jerseys. He has years of experience in the saddle and input from teammates. And while the Hincapie ready to wear collection is evidence of an exemplary pedigree, the Velocity Plus Competitive Cyclist Jersey is even one step above.Designed for Competitive Cyclist, this jersey uses the Velocity Plus jersey as the base for a fully sublimated design. The Velocity series was intended to be light-weight, comfortable, supportive, and feature a drag-reducing design. And Hincapie followed through. How Well, the Velocity Plus features the soft-to-the-touch, ultra-lightweight TourTek fabric. At a svelte 130 GSM (a measurement of fabric weight), TourTek provides the best of both the polyester and Lycra worlds. The blend ensures that you benefit from the gentle feel and powerful wicking of polyester, while maintaining the supportive fit and aerodynamic edge of Lycra.For breathability, and further weight reduction, the Velocity Plus jersey features Quantum Mesh stretch panels on the sides, back, and underarms. This produces effective airflow through the jersey in order to keep you cool, and to aid in rapid moisture evaporation. Additionally, it aids the fit and movement of the jersey with its malleable composition. So, when you bend and flex in the cycling position, the Quantum Mesh construction helps the jersey move with your body, not against it.As for the fit of the jersey, Hincapie designed the cut for the position and movements of cycling. Accordingly, the rear of the jersey has been lengthened, while the front hem resides a bit higher on the stomach. While providing more adequate coverage than a traditional hem line, the system's primary duty is to eliminate the bunching of fabric. After all, fabric bunching is a typical source of skin abrasion. That's why the Velocity Plus jersey has been designed with next-to-skin fit. Further assisting this are the securing features of the jersey. You'll notice that the sleeves don't use any ela...