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HED Jet 7 Express Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher
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HED's C2 clincher technology blew the myth that tubulars are better race wheels out of the water. With a TT win at World's and a victory at the Tour, HED is proving, with actions and not just words, that clinchers have merit. With a 75mm effective rim depth, a low overall weight, and an aerodynamic advantage that's only matched by its rigidity, the Jet 7 Express Clincher Wheelset is bringing race-day clincher technology to the forefront. HED constructed the Jet 7 Express from its own blend of lightweight and durable, unidirectional carbon fiber. This composite keeps the weight at around a svelte 1985 grams (not bad for a 75mm depth) without compromising rigidity or aerodynamics in the slightest. To achieve this weight, a host of proprietary technologies are employed by HED. After all, the goal of the Express series is to bring race-ready ride quality to people who have to actually pay for their wheels. So, starting with handling, HED employed its SCT Technology in order to compensate for the Jet 7's 75mm effective rim depth. This means that the wheel has been tuned in accordance to handling at its depth. Ultimately, SCT strikes the ideal balance between crosswind handling and aerodynamic gains without compromising the Jet's weight or natural rigidity. Additionally, the Express features a 23mm rim width design that increases aerodynamics while lowering resistance. HED call this its C2 technology -- representing the two Cs of speed, Crr and Cda, standing for the coefficient of rolling resistance and aerodynamics, respectively. With these two principles in mind, HED designed the Jet to create a more efficient interface with the tire, resulting in the 23mm width at the brake track. This wider-is-better technology isn't a bunch of marketing smoke and mirrors, however. It directly results in an 18% reduction to rolling resistance, and a massive gain to laminar airflow over the 75mm rim depth of the wheels.For the wheel build, HED incorporated Sapim's aero bladed...