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CycleOps Joule Computer with HRM - Men's
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CycleOps understands the relationship between power and exertion, and knows that your training will benefit from understanding both. That's why they've created a seamless integration of both metrics with the new Joule Computer with HRM. Where this advantage once took a big bite out of your wallet, CycleOps has now incorporated the same valuable metrics of prior versions into a CPU unit that's less than half the price. The new Joule Computer with HRM opens the door for a new generation to start training with power. If you couple the Joule Computer with the CycleOps PowerTap Alloy G3 Training Wheelset, you have a fully functioning power system for around $1600. Incredible.Weighing in at a remarkably low 50 grams, the new CycleOps Joule Computer is a lightweight monster of power computing intelligence. If you're used to the older version, you'll be happy to hear that the new Joule Computer still uses the customizable dashboard to display your data. It displays metrics like watt/kg, peak power, altitude gained/lost, grade percentage, and much more. You still have access to Report Mode, which are your historical averages, stored in increments of one week, two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks, six months, and twelve months. This mode is useful for post-ride analysis of how your training is progressing, but all reports can be accessed on-the-fly during a ride. There are 29 metrics available for history on reports that include power detail, work, peak power and climbing. The dashboard on the Joule Computer can be changed at any time. The new Joule features a similar joystick-type controller to toggle between desired metrics, modes, or reports that you want displayed on the dashboard. A huge advantage of power training with the Joule over a Garmin CPU is the Joule's ability to set automatic intervals at the hit of a button. It also features an auto-interval countdown to let you know how much longer you have to feel like you're being turned inside out. While ride data is sa...